Cabin Group A

The year is 1983. Camp Sweetwater has re-opened for the first time since it mysteriously shut down thirty-one years ago. Campers Tez Jones and Corryn Quinn see screaming faces in the campfire, feel a haunting presence in the cabins, and struggle against an unmistakable evil emanating from the lake. The legends surrounding Camp Sweetwater are horrifying, unbelievable, and most of all… true.

CAMP MURDERFACE, by Josh Berk & Saundra Mitchell

Coming May 28, 2020 from HarperCollins!


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Camp Murderface Cover Reveal!

It’s a big day at camp today because we can share with you the cover for CAMP MURDERFACE! We wanted to do something extra fun for the cover reveal and dreamed up the idea of an old-fashioned video game based on the book. (The book is set in 1983 and we love Nintendo.) Play as Tez or Corryn! Make it to the end and see the cover! It seemed like a crazy idea, but we know some crazy (talented) people who made it happen. So check it out! Go play!

A million thank you’s to our pals Francisco and Manning for doing the game and to Michelle Wong for her killer cover art! Let me and Saundra know your thoughts on Twitter (or if you need tips on getting past those pesky vampire devils!)